South Central Roofing, Inc.
1650 N State Rd 46 Columbus, IN 47203 . 812-579-5733 / 812-579-5739 (F)
1920 Villa Ave Indianapolis, IN 46203 . 317-426-2780 (O) / (F)
  1650 N State Rd 46 Columbus, In 47203
    1920 Villa Ave Indianapolis, In 46203
We put QUALITY on top!
South Central Roofing, Inc. is a full service roofing company with offices located in Columbus and Indianapolis.


                     Sheet Metal   .   Commercial   .   Industrial   .    Residential

Our offices are centrally located enabling us to work statewide. We are licensed, bonded and insured for                                          all Commercial, Industrial and Residential roofing projects. 
Here at South Central Roofing, Inc., it is our mission to provide the highest quality and cost efficient work in          the roofing field. Our intention is not to just complete a "Project", but to build a long lasting and working                                                                              relationship with our customers. 

We put our customers FIRST!
Through our highly trained staff, you will see that the prompt and reliable services
we provide will stand out from the rest!

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